Evolution Workshop

Have we all not wondered where and how did the human race originate? What is the purpose of our lives? How do we explain evolution? What is the role of my family / mate / society / country etc. in my evolution?

We sure have. This is why science came up with the Big Bang theory which said everything started with a big bang where random particles got distributed in space and over a large measurement of time, solar systems, galaxies and planets were formed.

There is a “Story” of the “The Evolution Cycle” over a few years, and has become an integral part of Serenity Surrender. It is an explanation of how the universe got created, how souls got created, how these big energies take the forms of masses like planets etc. It’s a story that explains the deeper truths of human evolution.

The story includes an understanding of 8 Realms of evolution or 8 stages of evolution, the 9th Realm / stage being the Physical Realm. Till now, many religious scriptures / texts talk about the 7 planes of existence above the physical realm, though none explains what they are. It is extremely powerful to imbibe the understanding this story gives, from each realm while tracing one’s karmic journey above the Physical Realm. It gives the root causes for many karmic patterns we have lived through several past lives on the earth.

What all will the story help with?

The few areas the story will help us understanding are

  • 1.Gender
  • 2.Parenting
  • 3.Money
  • 4.Mate
  • 5.Divine Wisdom
  • 6.Religion / Deities
  • 7.The Physical Body
  • 8.Earth

Event Gallery

Since the impact of even listening to the story for the first time can be huge and people find it both intense & deep, it’s important for one to have learnt how to utilize the information and heal through the Serenity Surrender (SS) way. Keeping in mind the highest best of all those who will be drawn to this, it is required for one to have imbibed the SS Basic Workshop (3 Days) fully to be able to do this 1 Day Workshop.


Event Details

Duration : 1 Day

Modality : Serenity Surrender

Teacher : Jigyasa Jain

First Time Cost : ₹ 7,500/- (including the manual)

Repeat Cost : ₹ 1,500/-

Eligibility : Basic, at least twice

Event Venue

Venue : Life Healer Clinic

Address : Jagriti Enclave, Anand Vihar, New Delhi - 110092

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone : +919667750203,+919899600203

Website : https://www.lifehealer.in

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