Harmonising MAsculine & Feminine Within Workshop

Masculine doesn’t mean male, and feminine doesn’t mean female. Strictly it is not women who have been suppressed, but feminine energy. This suppression applies to both males and females because both the genders have both the energies - masculine as well as feminine. It is not the men who are rigid, but the masculinity in us. The rigidity makes it difficult for us to imbibe change.

The feminine energy initiates, creates and the masculine energy puts it into practice, thus implements.


There is a reason why we attract a particular person as our husband/boyfriend or for that matter, anyone we interact with, even for an insignificant time.

e.g. - We enjoy courtship period before getting married and we have that urge to feel complete with our partner.

Once we get married and experience that bliss, soon friction starts, arguments start, blame game starts, need for control comes in, need for independence comes and we start looking at our partner as an obstruction to our growth/happiness/freedom. Commitment starts choking us and responsibility becomes a burden.

Then there is a need to get rid of all these concerns. The beautiful song by U2 explains this: "I can’t live with or without you"

The masculine /feminine imbalance is the key cause of our relationship issues and hormonal imbalance which also comes in the physical form of aches and pains, and diseases and discomfort in different parts of our body.

Giving balance and harmony to these aspects of our energies will bring inevitable health, peace, sanity, and the feeling of completeness within.



This powerful SS workshop helps us get rid of the above-mentioned conflicting emotions and a lot more, to enjoy the bliss within.


Event Details

Duration : 2 Day

Modality : Serenity Surrender

Teacher : Jigyasa Jain

First Time Cost : ₹ 11,000/-

Repeat Cost : ₹ 3,000/-(Rs. 2000/- for distant participation while repeating)

Eligibility : Anyone who has attended SS Basic at least twice

Event Venue

Venue : Life Healer Clinic

Address : Jagriti Enclave, Anand Vihar, New Delhi - 110092

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone : +919667750203,+919899600203

Website : https://www.lifehealer.in

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