Healings And Therapies


Life Healer Clinic Cure Its Patients By 4 Healings And Therapies Mentioned Below.

Transpersonal Therapy

In Transpersonal Therapy, we use cognitive to get to the core of the challenge faced by the client and then multiple tools are used to get the client to resolve the challenge.

This therapy helps the client to resolve all the challenges faced while empowering them to have a complete and fulfilling life.

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Spiritual Healing

In Spiritual Healing the healings are done by connecting with our soul using higher energies and taking help to reveal the reasons of the challenges faced by the client.

Using the same higher energy the new understandings are downloaded while bringing the changes in client’s lives.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is very effective in resolving challenges like fears, phobias, addictions, obesity, multiple health issues and other life challenges faced by the client in the present life.

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Karmic Healing

The driving belief of Karmic Healing is that the karma of each one of us shapes our present. Any challenge faced by us in the present life can be traced in our belief system which is our present energy thus influencing our present circumstances creating challenges.

In Karmic Healing we undo the karma for joyful and blissful living.