Transpersonal Therapy

In transpersonal therapy, we deal with the states of consciousness of the clients beyond their personal identity. We focus on the health of the client’s spirit and put an emphasis on their spiritual path and spiritual enlightenment during the life.

We address the mental, physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual needs of the client so as to ensure their healthy and fulfilling life.

Best Past Life Regression Therapy in Delhi India

Through transpersonal therapy, we focus on understanding the consciousness of the client from a perspective that delves deeper into the inner soul. This results in bringing the resolution to the client’s problems and offering them a smooth life.

In order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, it is not only necessary to keep the body and mind healthy by maintaining proper eating habits and regular exercise, but driving your focus towards the soul is equally required.

 It is high time when we need to draw our kind attention towards the calmness and peace that resides in our minds, which can only be done when we shift our consideration from the hustle and bustle of daily life towards spiritual healing and that is what we do with the means of transpersonal therapy.

Best Past Life Regression Therapy in Delhi India

Transpersonal therapy helps one to infest their true identity and make peace with the same. With this self realisation, it becomes quite easier to lead a smooth life and acknowledge the spiritual path.

One easily gets influenced and attracted towards a person who has an efficacious personality and that results from a healthy mind and soul.

Transpersonal Therapy In Delhi India

One who has clarity in thoughts has his life sorted and hence, our transpersonal therapist makes sure that you may heal not only physically but meantally and spiritually too as it is the key to develop an ingenious personality. 

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The transpersonal therapy is recommended to you of you are dealing with regular problems in your life which are affecting you mentally resulting in the degression of your happiness as this may heal you completely and change your perspective of looking at life in a positive way.


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Our Past Life Regression Therapist

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Jigyasa Jain

PLR Expert

Our special therapist, Jigyasa Jain has gained the expertise in Spiritual Healing,  Past Life Regression therapy.

She holds a great experience in healing her clients spiritually or by using therapy and providing them with a positive outlook towards life.

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