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About Life Healer

Life Healer Clinic deals in 4 therapies named as Past Life Regression, Spiritual Healing, Karmic Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy and the whole therapy is Transpersonal in nature making us more aware of bringing us in acceptance and motivating us to take appropriate actions.

Our Status in Numbers

  • 1298+/Total Users

    Life has to be full of love, peace, and joy. Live in Here And Now. Live to fullest.
  • 7+/Years of Experience

    All the therapies need a hard practice so that any client should not suffer. And, our Therapist has experience of 7 years in this field.
  • 1/Branches

    We believe in giving satisfactory services to our client which is possible with a limited number of the clinic.
  • 4+/Therapies

    We deal in 4 therapies named as Past Life Regression, Spiritual Healing, Karmic Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy.

Meet Our Therapist

Get the best resolution for all your problems by consulting our learned therapist who is a person of high intellect.


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Our special therapist, Jigyasa Jain has gained expertise in Spiritual Healing, Past Life Regression therapy. She holds a great experience in healing her clients spiritually or by using therapy and providing them with a positive outlook towards life.

Our Special Therapist

I am Jigyasa Jain – A Spiritual Healer, A Karmic Healer , and A Past Life Regression Therapist.
I feel eternally cherished by being able to heal others and solving other’s problems by being the channel of peace and joy in their life.
My arduous search for a solution paved my way to Serenity Surrender, which has completely changed my way of looking at life. It has inculcated in me, the strength of being in compliance with everything that I experience and the acceptance of distress that comes along.
My life is now, the resemblance of an oasis of serenity, which teaches me to live in the present and feel every emotion of life completely as it comes by
Unleash Your True



Life Healer

Life is too short to not to be happy. We, at Life Healer believe that every individual should live their lives in the best possible way and this can only be achieved when they are truly aware of their potential. Hence, this is an initiative to transform this world into a better and happy place by making people conscious of their being.
Take a look at the amazing features & ask yourself the question?
  • Does each client undergo a common therapy?

    We, at Life Healer, have a strong belief that every individual is unique and thus, we custom create the therapy based on the client’s requirements and challenges faced by them. This helps in generating the best results as per the client’s needs.

  • Does the after-effects of therapy last lifelong?

    We, at Life Healer provide life time support to our clients through regular meetups, webinars counselling and much more so that they may sustain the transformation they have gone through at Life Healer.

  • How does the Life Healer Clinic empower it's clients?

    We, at Life Healer conduct regular workshops and training which empowers the clients and encourage them to become the in-charge of their own life and offer them a healthy and fulfilling life ahead.

  • What are the various aspects of the challenges faced by the clients that they can overcome by choosing Life Healer?

    At Life Healer, we help our clients to overcome all kinds of challenges faced by them, be it a health issue, money problem, relationship issues or any other kind of problem and promise a joyful and peaceful life to them.

  • What are the work hours at life Healer Clinic?

    The work hours on Monday to Saturday are 10:00 – 18:00 Hrs. Sundays are holidays.