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We at Life Healer Clinic believes that correcting the beliefs at the soul level and imbibing them in conscious mind brings the changes in our energies thus changing our lives for good.

This can be done by using Transpersonal Therapy or Spiritual Therapy or Past life Regression Therapy or by Karmic Healing depending on the client’s energy and nature of the challenge faced by them.

We are an established past life regression therapy clinic in India since 2012 and has helped approximately 1200 – 1500 happy and satisfied clients in making their lives peaceful and full of joys.

Life Healer is run by the professional therapist single handedly since last seven years and has proved to be the best choice for its clients.

Our Healings And Therapies


Transpersonal Therapy

In Transpersonal Therapy, we use cognitive to get to the core of the challenge faced by the client, and then multiple tools are used to get the client to resolve the challenge.

This therapy helps the client to resolve all the challenges faced while empowering them to have a complete and fulfilling life.

Best Spiritual Healing In Delhi India

Spiritual Healing

In Spiritual Healing the healings are done by connecting with our soul using higher energies and taking help to reveal the reasons of the challenges faced by the client.

Using the same higher energy the new understandings are downloaded while bringing the changes in client’s lives.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is very effective in resolving challenges like fears, phobias, addictions, obesity, multiple health issues and other life challenges faced by the client in the present life.

Best Karmic Healing In Delhi India

Karmic Healing

The driving belief of Karmic Healing is that the karma of each one of us shapes our present. Any challenge faced by us in the present life can be traced in our belief system which is our present energy thus influencing our present circumstances creating challenges.

In Karmic Healing we undo the karma for joyful and blissful living.

Your Life After Healing


Life Healer

The client will be able to resolve all issues and challenges faced by them in the present and will be able to integrate their resources so that in here and now the life becomes effective, productive and the client is able to remain calm, peaceful, joyful and relaxed at all the times with the divine power of Past Life Regression Therapy and Spiritual Healing.

The whole therapy is Transpersonal in nature making us more aware of bringing us in acceptance and motivating us to take appropriate actions.

Take a look at the amazing therapies or spiritual healing & ask yourself the question?

Recent Blogs

We at LIFE HEALER CLINIC provide all the basic knowledge to our clients, 
and some of them are given here.



Life Healer clinic strongly believes that the individual is an unique creation of creator thus we create custom therapy such as past life regression or spiritual healing for the individual depending on their needs, challenges, and circumstances thus leading to the best results. The targets and goals of the individual vary and so the therapy.


We at Life Healer healing clinic believes that deep work is required to attain the deep changes in client’s life while to sustain the transformation needs the support and we provide that through regular meetups, webinars counselling and much more.

So, due to this customer get life time support from us even in small problems.


We conduct regular workshops & training to allow each individual to become in charge of their own life and empowers them. This help them fight with their problems on their own with the help of spiritual healing or other therapies.

Upcoming Workshop


Life Healer Clinic is going to organize a workshop which is

Serenity Surrender Advance Workshop.

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About Life Healer

Best Karmic Healing In Delhi India

The Life Healer Clinic is established since 2012 and has helped approximately 1200 – 1500 clients in making their lives peaceful and full of joys with our therapies or spiritual healing.

The clinic is run by a professional therapist single-handedly for last seven years and has proved to be the best therapist in Delhi for its clients.

Our Status in Numbers

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Life has to be full of love, peace, and joy. Live in Here And Now. live to fullest


Years of Experience

All the therapies need a hard practice so that any client should not suffer. For this, our Therapist has experience of 7 years in this field.



We believe in giving satisfactory services to our client which is possible with a limited number of the clinic.



We deal in 4 therapies named as Past Life Regression, Spiritual Healing, Karmic Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy.

Meet Our Therapist

Get the best resolution for all your problems by consulting our learned therapist who is a person of high intellect.

Jigyasa Jain

Therapies Expert
Spiritual Healer Image

Our special therapist, Jigyasa Jain has gained expertise in Spiritual Healing,  Past Life Regression therapy. She holds a great experience in healing her clients spiritually or by using therapy and providing them with a positive outlook towards life.

Our Special Therapist

I am Jigyasa Jain – A Spiritual Healer, A Karmic Healer , and A Past Life Regression Therapist.

I feel eternally cherished by being able to heal others and solving other’s problems by being the channel of peace and joy in their life.

My arduous search for a solution paved my way to Serenity Surrender, which has completely changed my way of looking at life. It has inculcated in me, the strength of being in compliance with everything that I experience and the acceptance of distress that comes along.

My life is now, the resemblance of an oasis of serenity, which teaches me to live in the present and feel every emotion of life completely as it comes by

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Build your own happiness

Get to know about meditation, chakras, spirituality and a lot more. You will be surprised to experience a completely changed perspective towards life. It will transform your thoughts in a positive way and since thoughts create reality, hence it will help you in creating a beautiful life ahead.

All the consfusions and distractions will vanish and you will be able to set the focus of your life in the right direction. You will be able to explore the magical aspects of your life which have always been hidden.

In this world where people are mostly unhappy and depressed, this can prove to be the guidance for you to build your own happiness.

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