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Physical Ailments / Diseases / Unexplained Pains

We all go through some of the other ailments or illness at some point of the time in our life, but often it happens with many of us that there is some disease which occurs to you way too often or it has a pattern that has marred your life and its important events like exams, interviews, etc Such diseases can be cured miraculously through either karmic healing or spiritual healing.

Otherwise, some of you may be suffering from a disease for a very long time and is going to be a part of your being till you live also there can be the case of life-threatening diseases.

But the worst ones are the ones which have no explanation but are mostly there in your energies and not only that it hampers your day to day life too, without being able to get cured.

These reasons behind these diseases might be known through past life regression and as our experience says, they can be actually cured by the past life regression therapy at Life Healer.

Problems like bedwetting in kids and other psychological problems lead them to take the help of physiologists and often they may still prevail. In such cases, we suggest you consult our best hypnotherapist in Delhi and find the best solution in the form of past life regression therapy, spiritual healing, karmic healing, or transpersonal therapy.

Understanding Of Above Through Spiritual Healing

As it is seen in our spiritual healing and karmic healing sessions that all these above-mentioned situations including chronic diseases have the relation with the set of beliefs or karma accumulation from many lifetimes which manifested in this lifetime as a particular ailment. —-give your profile and then proceed.

Relation Between Healings And Emotions

Every ailment whether chronic or any other is an unresolved emotion stuck which when does not get its way out then takes the route of disease and can only be cured by karmic healing, spiritual healing, transpersonal therapy or past life regression therapy, for example:-

1. Enlargement of the liver can be rooted through sever anger.

2. Joint pains can be the result of the guilt of not acting in time.

3. Leg pains can be the cause of fear in moving forward.

4. Diabetes could be the result of the belief that I lack sweetness in my life.

5. Heart ailments could be because of blocking yourself from love or inability to love yourself and others.

6. A sore throat could be the result of a feeling of inability to express some message in words, holding in unpleasant words.

7. Pain in the lower back maybe is the result of concerns about money, being uncertain of future money inflow.

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What Do We Understand From Karma For Pains?

If only the karma or the beliefs are undone or healed through karmic healing, it changes the situations, experiences of the person involved, or suffering from that particular problem.

This Karmic healing is done by the best hypnotherapist in Delhi at Life Healer Clinic which also provides the best past life regression therapy in India which has immensely improved the lives of a no. of clients.

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